Saturday, April 25, 2015

If you try to run from San Diego DUI cops, they will shoot a bean bag round into your driver's side window to make you stop, lawyers learned today

San Diego DUI Police are using bean bag rounds to stop drunk drivers, lawyers warn.

Last night, San Diego DUI police fired a bean bag round into a semi-truck driver's side window before arresting him for DUI on Pomerado Road in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego attorneys are told.

The California DUI driver led police on a 80 mph chase on the 15 from Temecula Riverside County to Rancho Bernardo San Diego County.  Drunk Driving Cops used spike strips twice but the driver would not pull over beginning just after 8 pm Friday April 24, 2015.

Monday, April 6, 2015

San Diego DUI Lawyers look to San Diego County DUI Law Center's Rick Mueller who is a resourceful Drunk Driving Attorney for those dealing with a San Diego California DUI

San Diego DUI Lawyers look to San Diego County DUI Law Center's Rick Mueller. He's a resourceful Drunk Driving Attorney for those dealing with a San Diego California DUI.

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Easter Sunday DUI Checkpoint in Pacific Beach San Diego at 2700 Garnet traps 1,500 vehicles and arrests 18, lawyers say.

By posting weekly DUI Checkpoint locations in San Diego county, attorney Rick Mueller helped dozens of motorists avoid the deadly drunk driving roadblock trap.  The San Diego County DUI Law Center offers this free "warning" site here.

With St. Patrick's Day in the rear mirror and spring ahead, it's important to make sure 2015 does not become a disaster for you, so check back frequently for updates, San Diego DUI lawyers advise.

Saturday night, Pacific Beach staged yet another 2700 Garnet Avenue San Diego DUI Checkpoint.  Pacific Beach is notorious for being the #1 DUI bust location in all of San Diego County.

This 4/4/15 San Diego Police Department drunk driving roadblock was sponsored by the California Office of Traffic Safety DUI Grant.

From 11 pm until 3 am Easter Sunday 4/5/15, over 1,500 vehicles rolled through this trap.  Seventeen drunk driving arrests arose out of direct driving into the checkpoint after over 700 were screened.  Eighteen San Diego DUI arrests were made at and around this roadblock.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Can you believe a San Diego DUI Cop who tells you all kinds of things after arrested, ask San Diego DUI attorneys?!

Let's start with the obvious when you are arrested & charges with a San Diego DUI:

Do you believe that the San Diego DUI officer who arrested you is your NBF or is on your side?

Ever hear San Diego California DUI officers are competing for most DUI arrests award given annually by MADD?

Any one tell you that you may not not need a San Diego DUI lawyer? 

Can you believe that San Diego DUI officer may not be telling you what's going on, like how you did on tests?

Remember when that San Diego DUI officer told you the hand-held gadget was optional and you did not have to blow (if you are over 21 and not on California DUI Probation)?  (Oh.  You were not told.)

California statute requires a San Diego DUI officer to specifically tell you the hand-held gadget or Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS) test is voluntary.  Always remember that you do not have to blow in the field gadget if you are not on California DUI probation and you are older than 21.  As far as a chemical test is concerned, you only have to blow or give blood only at the station or San Diego County jail.

Would a San Diego DUI officer want you to hire an aggressive San Diego DUI attorney to contest everything possible about your drunk driving charges? 

In San Diego County misdemeanor DUI cases, you are not allowed to represent yourself.  You must get a San Diego DUI lawyer, hopefully a California DUI Lawyers Association certified DUI Attorney Specialist.  

Is there a practical reason San Diego DUI courts require this? San Diego drunk driving misdemeanors are considered very serious, punishable by up to 6 months in jail + significant penalties and far-reaching ramifications including fines, programs, ignition interlock device, vehicle impounds, public work service programs, MADD, SCRAM bracelet, AA meetings, loss of license, increased penalties from enhancements, effect on employment, loss of liberties, etc.

Remember those San Diego DUI field tests?  Did the San Diego DUI cop say how you did on these gymnastics or field sobriety tests?  Did she or he seem fair about the way she or he subjectively judged your performance or ability to follow instructions?

Why did the San Diego DUI cop take your license and/or give a pink DMV order of suspension?

Trust that San Diego DUI officer?

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cannabis cruising is ok in San Diego as long as your driving is ok, too, say DUI lawyers

If you smoke marijuana before driving, can you be prosecuted for DUI in San Diego, attorneys are often asked.  You can be arrested for a San Diego DUI (Drugs) - whether medical marijuana or not - but you cannot be prosecuted for having a minimum amount in your system, lawyers say.

That's because California law will not change anytime soon for those drivers who toke & drive, as the legislature will not pass a dumb law that says that if you have X amount of nanograms of THC per milliliter in your blood, you are guilty of DUI.

A couple of silly California legislators were at one time proposing a law even stricter than Colorado's 5 nanograms per milliliter blood-THC standard so that California DUI attorney prosecutors who wanted a slam-dunk easy weapon to discriminate against medical marijuana users who drove.

But it never was a good idea because San Diego drivers would be guilty of DUI regardless of whether they are actually under the influence or impaired while driving which is presently the law.

A blood THC DUI limit law would unfairly harm medical marijuana drivers who were otherwise driving unimpaired or with the caution characteristic of a sober person.

The proposed law was also a bad idea to place a blood THC limit on drivers since THC metabolites stay in your blood for days after the marijuana effect wears off.

The bottom line is that marijuana use has increased but accident rates and DUI arrests in California have declined.